Beauty Art is an e-commerce platform intended to offer authentic and premium quality beauty and personal care products of international and local brands for the people of Bangladesh through it’s website.Beauty Art allows customers to pick by category and price from the comfort of one’s home.The website provides unbiased product descriptions and the possibility to return and refund. It offers the customers a completely hassle-free shopping experience using a secure and trusted source.

Founded by Mahabuba Khan Eshita,the company started its journey in the sector of e-commerce industry in Bangladesh in 2023.It is the one-stop destination for different categories of genuine beauty care products like makeup,skin care,hair care,body care and personal care for all genders and age groups.

The e-commerce company tries to help it’s customers to choose among hundreds of products that suit their alure the most.It tends to provide you the outstanding online shopping experience.Here you can find all the best products that are trending in glamour and beauty which make you remain to look radiant and gorgeous throughout the day and year.

The company imports original beautification products of varying brands from different countries of the world for the customers.It also buys products from the local authorized vendors who import goods from abroad.It appreciates and encourages the local manufacturers by reselling their quality products as well.It tries to maintain good rapport with it’s suppliers and vendors by creating opportunities and easy supply chain process.This enables the firm to buy in bulk and provide the products to the purchasers with reasonable prices.

Beauty Art also has it’s own Facebook page named “Beauty Art” and Instagram page named “beauty_art_care” and we sell our products through these online pages as well.We are selling our products with home delivery service all across Bangladesh.

Our aim is to provide women,children and men with the organic and preferable beauty and personal care products.

Our mission is to offer the products to it’s customers focusing highly on ensuring the best quality,everyone’s affordability and fastest delivery system.

Our vision is to become one of the leading e-commerce companies in Bangladesh by creating an exclusive online shopping platform for the customers and ensuring their satisfaction.

Beauty Art values it’s respected customers.Hence,we try to create exclusive offers for our buyers for holidays and festivals.We offer memberships,discount cards,VIP cards and other facilities.We focus on the quality assurance of our goods that suits best for our consumers.We are working to update our product line on a regular basis and suggest those to our customers with the help of our own beauticians and expert dermatologists.


Mahabuba Khan Eshita
CEO / Founder

Mahabuba Khan Eshita is a dynamic business owner and CEO.Having completed Bachelors and Masters in Sociology and EMBA in Management from the University of Dhaka, the former faculty of Scholastica School has built and led high-performing teams, developed successful go-to-market strategies, and created a culture of innovation and collaboration.